Prairie Solar Power & Light
Certified Focus on Energy Solar PV Site Assessor, 
Full Service Solar PV , Solar Hot Water and Wind Installer
Prairie Solar Power & Light

Rich Bannen
57152 Duha Ridge Rd.
Steuben, WI 54657

      I started PSP&L in 2006 after many years in the welding and construction business.  At that time I recognized the immediate need for renewable energy and decided to leave the welding business. I first began working for a solar company in California, and became a solar electric installer, solar hot water installer and wind installer.  I am a full service installer.  I am also a certified solar PV Site Assessor.  We service a 150 mile radius from Prairie du Chien, WI including Iowa, Minnesota and northern Illinois.  I also specialize on battery off grid solar PV systems.  These systems have solar electric, wind and gas/propane generators to charge the batteries. I am a Kohler generator dealer.

Our goal is to have everyone less dependant on fossil fuels.   

Specializing in Off Grid Battery Systems
John Rasmussen
Jim White
Jim Whites AC Coupled System is grid tied, grid tied with battery backup, and can go off grid 
Bob & Becky's
Bob Goonin and Becky Comeau
Bob & Becky's

Russ Krause 20k Jacobs Turbine
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